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Gamewright #428 Hedgehog Roll™

Gamewright #428 Hedgehog Roll™

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A Fun & Fuzzy Racing Game

Go hedgehog wild! Roll the fuzzy hedgehog ball across a field of sticky flowers, leaves, and pine cones. Move your hedgehog one space forward for each item you pick up. Either play cooperatively to outrun a wily fox, or race competitively to see who will be first to get their hedgehog home!


  • 18 forest tokens
  • 4 hedgehog pawns
  • 1 hedgehog token
  • 1 fuzzy ball
  • 1 game board
  • 1 cooperative “fox” board
  • 1 fox pawn
  • Reglas en Español
  • Rules of Play


  • cooperation
  • visual discrimination
  • fine motor skills


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